St Francis’ School Board

In 2014, an interim Board was established to assist the Foundation Principal Mr Rory McNally, with the opening of the School.

The Interim School Board was appointed by the Executive Director of Catholic Education Dr Tim McDonald in consultation with the local Catholic community, with the support of the parish priest and principals of adjoining Catholic Schools.

The current Board members are:

  • Father Greg Donovan   Parish Priest, Holy Family Parish, Kalamunda
  • Mr Ian Hagen   School Principal
  • Margaret Collins    Chairman
  • Diana Alteri    Secretary
  • Greg LeGuier    Treasurer
  • Sue Bursey    Member
  • Catherine Spini    Member
  • Fr Greg Donovan    Member
  • Joel Richards    Member
  • Marg Buckman    Member
  • Sophie Rutter    Member

St Francis' School Board Annual General Meeting (AGM)

On behalf of the Board of St Francis' School, we invite members of the St Francis' School community to the Annual General Meeting.
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