Jordan Shaw (Year 12 2019)

When I think about my life one of the most important and defining was starting Year 11 at St. Francis’ in 2014.

I have dyslexia which made school hard. It effected my self-esteem and I was often very anxious at school. Lumen Christi had good teachers, the best was Mr. McNally. He helped me a lot with my school and homework. I was really sad when he left Lumen Christi. My anxiety got worse and I got depressed and missed lots of school.

One day my Mum got a phone call from Mr. McNally asking if I wanted to come see his new school. When I first went to St. Francis it looked very old: the building was old, very dirty and abandoned. The grass out the front was dying and there were cobwebs everywhere. It didn’t look like a school at all. The school was quiet except for Rory who was his chatty and positive self. It felt so good to be there. I was nervous at first but slowly moved from sitting alone in the corner to sitting at the big table with everyone. I felt hope.

Then because of family issues and my medication I stopped going to school. I tried to get back. Mum would drive me past the school, Rory would come say hello in the car. My anxiety wouldn’t let me move, there was a giant wall that I couldn’t get over. When I heard of Rory’s passing, I was devastated. I had never felt so sad. I was angry at myself because I felt that I had let him down.

I’m back at St. Francis now and I’m finally back on track and hopeful again for my future.

Ali Ure (Year 12 2019)

The staff genuinely care and want you to succeed.

Talk to the staff when you feel like you need to - trust me you’ll leave and have way fewer people to talk to and you’ll miss the days when you had ten different people you could talk to.

I developed the ability to reflect on myself and my actions.

Blake Edwards (Year 12 2020)

The best thing I reckon at St Francis’ is how chilled out and nice the staff are.

Advice I would give is, chill out and respect all the staff and try make some good mates.

I’ve gained some great mates and a great school that I know I’m always welcomed to visit.

My greatest memory is the whole thing, the whole experience being at St Francis’.

St Francis is my favourite high school I have been at; they gave me my second chance and they are willing to give you yours.

At the end of the day St Francis’ is there to help you succeed in anything you want, you have just got to be willing to put some effort in yourself and ask for help at the end of the day.