Student Life and Learning

The curriculum of a Catholic school provides for the development of the whole student and so offers a variety of experiences, which will give the students a holistic education. St Francis’ School also offers a practical, relevant and motivational curriculum which promotes personal and academic skills. Literacy and Numeracy Testing is conducted at the start of each year and, where required, appropriate educational support is offered to students.

Individual Learning Plans are created in collaboration with each student to ensure the most appropriate learning strategies and pathways are pursued.

The Curriculum is taught in accordance with all Government, School Curriculum and Standards Authority and Catholic Education Western Australia guidelines.

Courses of Study and Certificate Courses (up to Certificate II) are offered in Years 11 and 12 to prepare students for their WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education) and post-secondary options including:

  • University
  • Apprenticeships/Traineeships
  • TAFE
  • Employment

The School’s Auto workshop has been leased to the Motor Trade Association of Western Australia (MTA), the largest provider of apprenticeships and pre-apprenticeships in Light Auto in the State. MTA offer full Certificate courses in Light Auto (up to Certificate II) to the students of St Francis’ School.
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At the start of the year all students undertake pre/post, online testing. This testing familiarises students with online learning and the results will assist in the creation of their Individual Learning Plans. Students will participate in ongoing classroom assessments and practical Vocational Education and Training (VET) assessments.

Testing and assessments are conducted in accordance with Western Australian Curriculum guidelines with student knowledge reviewed each term. Reporting to both parents and School Curriculum Standards Authority (SCSA) is done as per required guidelines.

On full enrolment into St Francis’ School, all students and parents/caregivers understand that the School Principles are essential for creating an effective learning environment. Parents/caregivers are expected to become partners in the education of the students. Working together will ensure the best possible outcomes for the students.

The courses/subjects offered at St Francis’ School for year 10, 11 and 12 students include:

YEAR 10 Stage 1: YEAR 11 There are two distinct stages comprised of Years 11 and 12 Stage 2: YEAR 12 When participants are ready and capable, they are able to complete (ideally in one calendar year) a course that leads to WACE completion, articulating to further training or a bridging course to a number of universities. They are placed on a program that is comprised of:
Religious Education Religion and Life General Units Religion and Life General Units
English English (General and Foundation units) English (General and Foundation units)
Mathematics Mathematics (Essential and Foundation units) Mathematics (Essential and Foundation units)
Food Technology Health, Physical and Outdoor Education (Foundation Units) Sport/Recreation
Metalwork Sport/Recreation Health, Physical and Outdoor Education (Foundation Units)
Sport, Health and Fitness Outdoor Recreation (Certificate II) Outdoor Recreation (Certificate II)
Certificate II in Foundation Skills Certificate II in Foundation Skills Certificate II in Foundation Skills
Certificate II in Visual Arts Certificate II in Visual Arts Certificate II in Visual Arts
Certificate II in Light Auto (delivered by MTA) Engineering Pathways (Certificate II) Engineering Pathways (Certificate II)
Strong Hearts, Strong Minds (including Drivers Education) Certificate II in Light Auto (delivered by MTA) Certificate II in Light Auto (delivered by MTA)
Giving Back - Community Service) Strong Hearts - Strong Minds Strong Hearts - Strong Minds
Try-A-Trade taster course in Automotive, Painting and Plumbing (delivered by MTA and MPA) Transition to Adult life Transition to Adult life
Some competencies at Certificate I level can also be completed in Food classes (Barista) Giving Back – Community Service Giving Back – Community Service
Workplace Learning Workplace Learning
Try-A-Trade taster courses in Automotive, Painting & Plumbing Try-A-Trade taster courses in Automotive, Painting & Plumbing


Young People prepared for trial and hire
Youth Jobs PaTH is a new, flexible program designed to prepare young people for work. It also encourages employers to trial a young person for a job by offering interns and financial incentives to reduce the cost of recruitment. Youth Jobs PaTH has three elements: Prepare - Trial - Hire.
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Year 10 & 11 (2019) Information Afternoon

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